Drapery Cleaning

Drapery Cleaning Company Drapery Cleaning

At Guarantee System, we know that budgets are tight, and that buying window treatments isn't always an option. Fortunately for you, having your draperies cleaned is a snap!!

Following the manufacturer's instructions, our drapery cleaning experts will steam or dry clean your drapes - right on the rod!

No need to worry about removing and transporting them, we perform all drapery cleanings on site, anywhere in the Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamzaoo, and Muskegon areas!

Our Drapery Cleaning Process

At Guarantee System, we provide cleaning services for all types of window treatments and fabrics. Dependent upon fabric type, we use one of five different methods for cleaning your draperies.

When manufacturer's instructions don't indicate the proper technique that should be used, we test the fabric in a safe place, and advise you on the best course of action.

  • All drapery cleaning is performed on site, so there are no delivery charges or worries about damage in transit.
  • Our drapery cleaning technicians are expertly trained in safe cleaning procedures.
  • We offer Dupont Teflon fabric protection, to help keep your window treatments looking great between cleanings.

A professional drapery cleaning is a cost-effective and easy alternative to replacement, prolonging the life of your current draperies and restoring their original beauty.

To schedule a professional drapery cleaning, please contact our cleaning experts at (616) 457-0787 or request a consultation today.