Professional Pack Outs

Insurance Pack Outs Professional Pack Outs

When your home or place of business suffers a catastrophe, its contents may need to be removed for the cleaning and restoration services to begin. In the industry, this is referred to as an insurance pack out.

At Guarantee System, we will professionally pack, photograph, catalog, and remove your damaged contents in a timely manner to prevent any futher damage.

Once your belongings are cataloged and packed, we will transport them to our safe and secure holding facility for storage and further cleaning.

Once the restoration process has been completed, we will return your contents to your location and set them up as they were prior to removal.

Our Insurance Pack Out Process

Professional Pack Out Service May Include Any or All of the Following:

  • Evaluation of an Item's Salvageability
  • Digitally Photograph Complete Inventory of Contents
  • Create Inventory Lists of Salvageable and Non-Salvageable Items
  • Closely Work with Insurance Company to Satisfy Clients Need Within the Parameters of their Coverage
  • Provide Labeled Boxes for Easy Recovery and Tracking Through Process
  • Protection and Stabilization of Contents to be Packed
  • Provide Secure Transportation to our Facility for Cleaning and Storage
  • Facilitate a Safe Place for Storage On-site
  • Rush Items Ready Within a Few Days Depending on the Volume
  • Setup & Return of Contents when the Restoration Process is Complete