We Turn Crisis Into Calm®

We: ('wē)
noun - the team of employees, technicians, contractors, and restoration experts at Guarantee System; The Masters of Disasters

Turn: ('tərn)
verb - to become changed, altered, or transformed;  to reverse a course or direction

Crisis: ('krī-səs)
noun - a situation that has reached a critical phase; a crucial or decisive point or situation

Into: ('in-tü)
preposition - entering or changing form; indicating the result of a transformation or change

Calm: ('kälm)
noun - the state of being calm, peaceful; absence of worry, anger, fear, or other strong negative emotion; tranquil

We understand that disasters can strike at any time, and we personally answer all telephone calls both day and night, seven days a week.  From Grand Rapids to the Lakeshore, when you experience a crisis, we are here with 24-hour Emergency Service

Whether water, fire, or smoke damage, our expert technicians are always on-call and ready to assist with your cleanup. At Guarantee System, we truly can turn crisis into calm.

The Masters of Disasters

Fire, Smoke, Water, Wind, Ice, Hail…At Guarantee System, we are the Masters of Disasters.  We invite you to contact us today at (616) 451-0787!